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Our content management is specially designed for the laziest web master.

Over the past few years we have came across many customers requesting for different content management system. The conclusion is, all web masters are lazy. Haha! This is not to laugh at you but we mean everyone is looking for the most user-friendly CMS system in the world. This is as our rule of thumbs; here we developed our own branded Content Management system.

A happy FAMILY consists of Father, Mather and I Living Happily. So the best content management system consists of good Content, Easy Management and intelligent system. We give you a bonus – SEO marketing tool.
Our CMS support multi content format. You can update your web content in various format such as text, images, videos, PDF files, links, table, or even import from Microsoft word / Microsoft excel.
The easiest management in the world with our CMS; using WYSIWYG technology. You can update your content anywhere, anytime and anyhow you like. All your content will be archived in your database so you are not afraid of losing it.

You can also manage your enquiry here. Our enquiry system recaps your senders email content so you can easily reply/forward the email. The enquiries email is also copied to your mail server. Hence, you have 2 channels to keep your enquiry emails. Security is always on top of our mind.

Being your webmaster, you will login to the backend system via admin control, protected by password. The user manual is uploaded for your reference anytime. There will be user training provided to you too. You can ring us anytime to get technical support.
The functionality of our CMS is designed based on our experience on client expectation. Here’s the list of the main features”
• Creative layout presentation
• Unlimited web page creation
• Unlimited subpage creation under a parent page
• Content management module for News
• Content management module for Career
• Content management module for Promotions
This is the bonus! Our Content Management system comes with the “really simple syndicate”, the RSS feature where your audience can get your website updates automatically. You then save the effort to inform them. Moreover, these RSS subscribers are your genuine prospect as they are interested in your products / services.

Besides that, we also have integrated SEO friendly feature in it. By managing your content management system properly, it helps you to get ranked well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Hosting and Domain
Efficient Delivery
The entire process is estimated to be completed in 14 working days.
Refer to work flow for material checklist
Ongoing Customer Service and Technical Support
You can get our contact in everywhere at the backend. This is the most convenient way to get our support.

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