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When some of you like static and simple web page, there are some of you like to have little animation on your home page. If you are one of them, then you are at the right page. In creative web design package, we offer more extensive creativity when we will consult and provide you a flash animation on your home page. This is to impress your audience and create the curiosity for browse your website further.

Our Creative Web Design Package is specially designed for small-medium businesses or personals that need a more comprehensive web content presentation. We offer a complete set of basic Internet Marketing tool that you need as a start.

Creative Web Design Package comprises of the following items:
Up to 10 pages of attractive web pages design
A standard website with basic information such as Company Background, Products, Services, contact details plays a role of your electronic business profile. However, creative presentation and content comprehensiveness is also very important to impress your audience. More info about your company such as company background, certifications/awards winning, updated events, news or some educational knowledge help to further position your company as an experienced market leader. It also indirectly increases your credibility and reputation in your industry.
Semi flash animation in Home page
The little animation at your home page serves as a gate, opening up your audience curiosity. However the flash should not be too heavy and long. There isn’t many people will wait till the end of the flash then click into website. Furthermore, the heavy flash file will slow down the downloading time. The flash should be impactful and straight forward, telling your audience who you are and what you do, and more importantly, a “skip” button for their convenience.
We provide a wide range of impressive creative web design template. Simply choose one and our professional web designer will customize it to your business needs. We understand better than anyone that there’s no second chance for first impression. So personalized and impactful website help you to head above the rest.
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Enquiry Form
After presenting your business to your visitors, for sure you want the interested ones to send in business enquiry. Here we complete the website with an enquiry form so you can communicate securely with your prospects through email. Our enquiry form comes along with Auto responder feature where your sender will receive a notification if the email reaches your mailbox.
Hosting and Domain
Search Engine Marketing - Search Engine Submission
Building a website without marketing is like building open shop in a jungle. No one knows. Search Engines are like big database that contain many websites. In here, we will submit your URL to search engines so your website is recognized and kept in the database. Know more about Search Engine Marketing
Efficient Delivery
We understand well the feeling of waiting. The entire process is estimated to be completed in 14 working days.
Refer to work flow for material checklist
Ongoing Customer Service and Technical Support

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